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Carp Anglers. Dont forget bread (yes really, bread)

I have been video'ing this forgotten bait and the results are very interesting.
I will post more video's on page 5 over the weekend.
I tried fake bread, mounting on the hook, hair rigged etc, didn't work.
Then one user comented that I should try it popped up high and "wafting", and as you will see the results were dramatic (17Lb 4oz to be exact).

This is still a work in progress, I will try bait cages and armo mesh next week.
But they will have to go a long way to beat the effectivness of this rig.
Please note: Low quality video for internet transmission.
Higher quality video available on request.
Your Comments
You could also use crust on a short hooklength to a plain bomb. The bait would be highly visible and it would be very interesting to see how the fish react to it just sitting off the bottom like that.

I tried it suspended high like you sugested and as you can see works super. The fish seem to go for the suspended bait in preference to the bread on the bottom. Wonder if this could be applied to other baits?

How did you get the bread to waft around like that and withstand the cast?

Hi Will,
Bread is surprisingly resilient stuff.
Bread anglers will get a large piece of flake and mould it around the shank of the hook leaving a flaky bit next to the point.
I just took this idea and hair rigged it. I folded a paper clip into a sort of "T" shape. Tied that to the hair and moulded the flake onto the paper clip. It works a treat.
But, I will have to modify this as the paperclip gets tangled in the net when landing fish. Which could lead to a damaged fish if I don't adapt the the setup.

this is how i secure the bread. fistly i only use an uncut loaf, a batch loaf works well as the crust is rubbery and doesnt split easy so holds well and doesnt seperate from the flake in a hurry.rig wise --- hook with no hair rig to start on 10lb f/carbon or double strength depending on water colour.then a drennan bait band hooked to the hook, splicing needle through the crust, grab the bait band, pull it through and use a long clear stick type boilie stop about 2cm long between the band and secure the crust, whilst hiding your hook tight in the flake..i use this on an zig/adjustable zig anywhere from 2in to on the surface and it works a treat.
Thanks for that Stu. Eddy...

Hi Eddy,brilliant footage , how long did it take to get carp interested or did pre-baiting take place ? Chris.
Hi Chris, No prebaiting as such. I fished the swim with bread for a couple of hours maybe 6 or 7 sessions over a 3 week period prior to the capture. On the day it took one and a half hours from 1st cast to capture.