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They know something's wrong, maybe its the hooklink

Here we have a clear spot near the inlet to the lake.
It's right next to a snag were the fish were continually spooking off my rig.

I thought they might be spooking off the hooklink (braid). So I recast, this
time though I staightened out the hooklink by pulling back.
Forget feathering down it doesn't work, trust me, I can show you the video.

The results you can see for yourself
Please note: Low quality video for internet transmission.
Higher quality video available on request.
Your Comments
IT looks like the link was maybe looped up a bit, but then again in one scene a leaf covered the link but they still spooked. Also they seem to come into the area and leave the area from the same quadrant. I wonder if it is the mainline. They could have noticed it all along thats why they may be hesitant and almost expect to see something as they always eat from the same side. The thing could be the hooklink lifting slightly as they move over the bait and waft a current under the link.
Yes, I thought that may be it.
Straight hook:on this vid it blows that theory out the water. Pulling back the line keeps the mainline nicely out of sight. On both vids i could not see the mainline but i could spot the link on the straight hook vid.
Yes, I see what you mean.  Ed