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They know something's wrong

Here we have a clear spot near the inlet to the lake. It's right next to a snag were the fish like to hold up, the snag is just to the right of the shot.I was learning how to lure fish from snags when I noticed this. Watch how the fish continually spook off the rig. They know something is wrong. They become aware of something but I dont think it's the hookbait.What do you see?

Please note: Low quality video for internet transmission.
Higher quality video available on request.
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Try using a coated lead, maybe this will help.

I bet your right on that one Peter.
I will give that a go soon to see if there is any change.


Hi Eddy, I noticed what looked like an empty can of Stella in the bottom left of the shot. Also is your hooklink on the lake bed, it looks like they could be spooking on the line.

Hi Mike,
Yes that is a can of Stella, why do people have to do that?
See the other video "straight hooklink" to answer your other question.